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 Wade Wilder
(June 23, 1939 - 2014)


 Above, left: Cubby's photo of herself and Wade in 1940.

Above, right:
A Christmas card photo with Wade. 1941 or 1942?

Below, far left: Wade with Cubby in about 1942

Below, left:
Wade with Cubby on a Christmas card, probably 1942 (or at least the same time as the other photo was taken).

Below, right:
Wade (circa 1944 or 1945?)

Below, far right:
Wade (maybe 1947?)

Above, far left: Wade, 1951

Above, left:
Wade, sometime in high school

Above, right:
Wade, Robin and Hal, on our birthdays in 1955

Far left and left: Wade in Yosemite (according to Cubby) and in a tie (looking uncomfortable, thought Cubby)