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Charles Lowell Wilder
Born: June 1894
Died: mid-1970s

(Uncle Charlie)

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Left: An undated photo of Charles


Right: Charles and his sister Marie at their parent's 50th anniversary celebration, August 1943


Cindy Michalik and Diana Shipley say this about Charles:

He  never married and lived with his parents his entire life. Charles had cerebral palsy and had trouble walking with his  speech very difficult to understand. He worked while he was young (as an ice cream vendor and a street sweeper) but was on disability by 1950. Charles and Maryann left their house in Cicero to Marie in exchange for her looking after Charlie for the remainder of his life. After Marie’s death, Charlie remained with his brother-in-law, Henry. When the Henry remarried and moved to Florida, Charlie was experiencing even more trouble moving around. Charlie lived in a nursing home for the remainder of his years and died in the mid 70's. He had experienced a stroke, but it was also discovered that he had bladder cancer, and Henry and Al put a DNR order on him to save him the agony of the cancer).



Uncle Charlie (really my Great Uncle) was always a favorite of mine. He was great at poker - a game often played when the family was together and he taught me all the tricks. I joined in playing penny ante poker with the adults when I was five and could easily clean my father out of pocket change.


Photo taken after Henry's baptism, in 1927, In front of
the family home on Raymond Ave., in Brookfield, Illinois.
(from left): Walter, Uncle Charlie, George,
Charles the Younger, and Ivan

They all -- except Walter -- appear to be holding playing cards. See Charles the Younger's page for a discussion of card games in the Wilder family.

My sisters used to play checkers with Our Uncle Charlie but I didn't know how to play yet. He always looked forward to our visits because a lot of children were afraid of him because of his limping walk and garbled speech but we weren't afraid of him. (Remember he had cerebal palsy).