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The Traveling Circus
Comes To Town and Says Goodbye To Mom
June 2008

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First thing we did upon arrival was
collect Brandon, Melissa, and Perrin for a
breakfast at BC Cafe. Yum!

Right: Perrin, looking adorable, as usual.

We quickly decided that soon would be the best time to have the goodbye party,
and at dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, the siblings made plans for the following Monday, June 30, 2008.

We'd gather at Griffith Park for Pecos Bill's, and then go wander around Exposition Park's Rose Garden.

It was pretty much a family picnic in the park, except Mom wasn't there.
(Well, technically she a lovely box that sat on the picnic table most of the afternoon.)

She would have loved it.

Erin holds Emily, Brandon stares down the photographer, while Ariel reviews pictures, and
Melissa sits in the background. Lunch rests on
the table. We must've still been waiting for
everybody to arrive.



Right: Brandon talks to Perrin.

The group gathers, visits,
and sorts itself out.


Clockwise, from top left:

Donnie and Russell


Katy and Cody. Cody was home from Iraq for a short furlough, and we were very pleased to see him.

Emily and Tori, who became fast friends this visit.




Far left: Harry, one of mom and dad's longest-time friends;
Near Left: Russell

We shared our memories of GreatMa.

Left: Tori recited Shel Silverstein's "I'm Being Eaten
By A Boa Constrictor," which she and GreatMa giggled
about when GreatMa was still alive. We giggled too.

Tori's recitation set off a round of poetry quoting.
It seems Mom had us memorize our favorite poems.
Or maybe -- since at least the three of us older
siblings learned the same poem (A.A. Milne's "In
the Corner of the Bedroom") -- we memorized her
favorite poems...


Left: Katy

Right: Russell, Mara, Frankie.
I love that this picture is a man,
his great-niece, and her nephew.
Three generations, and none of them
was an active participant in the birth
of any other person in the picture.

Below right:
Tori and Shaunie watch Emily

It looks for all the world like Melissa and Mara
are double-teaming on Perrin,
who looks like he's making a break for it..

After lunch and talking, we went to the Rose Gardens at Exposition Park, which was one of Mom's favorite places.
Exposition Park had been her "park" growing up: the one she could walk to as a child.
She made sure that we had fond childhood memories of it too.
We figured it was as good as any site on this earth to be her final resting place.

Above left, top: I'm sure we were an inconspicuous group, wandering around the Rose Garden, periodically bending down depositing puddles of GreatMa "sand,"
taking pictures of each other...

Above left, bottom: Emily

Above right: Erin

Right: Tori

Below right: Russell and Liam, with Tori looking on.


Below left:
NoŽl, Russell, Robin, and Erin

Note the majestic fountain located mid-garden. Above: Shaunie, Donnie, Tori, and Karen.
I believe they're actually standing in the fountain.
Above: Tori and Liam.
I'm not sure if this was before or after Liam
"pushed" Tori into the fountain...

Above: Robin, Ariel, Frankie.

I wish Deirdre had been in this picture, then it
would have been a four-generation photo.
I don't know what we were thinking that we
didn't drag her in, except maybe she wasn't there?