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The Traveling Circus Goes To The Beach
July 2, 2008

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After the siblings had a meeting with a lawyer on Wednesday, most of us went to the beach.
(Russell was represented by his wife, Lucy.)
It was Emily and Perrin's first trip to the beach ever.
A good time was had by all.

I was told this was a slow day at the beach.
It was not slow by Maui standards!

Above left:
Tori and Lucy were the first ones in the water. The rest of us were rotten eggs.

Above, above right, right, and below: Perrin gets buried, and doesn't seem to mind at all!

Right: Emily wants to get in on the action.

Below left and left: Tori is helping
the burial efforts. In the picture below left, it looks for all the world like she's
pouring the water on Perrin's head!


Above left, above and left: Emily and Erin.


Above right: Mac and Emily


Right: Lucy, Emily and Erin, and NoŽl (in a rare moment without a camera)


Below right: Robin guarding the stuff.
(Not napping; never napping.)


Left: Liam and Kiera