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The Traveling Circus
Celebrates the Fourth of July

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Russ and Lucy Emily Lucy and Emily

In times past, we used the holiday as an excuse to celebrate the birthdays around it (Hal, Erin, Robin).
Chana didn't get the memo that we weren't going to do that this year...
(Actually, nobody got the memo. It was nice ... and tasty!)

Left, right, above and below: The park had activities to keep the kids occupied. Emily (and Tori, but we don't have any pictures of Tori) jumped in the bouncy house. Emily crawled to the back corner when they said her time was up, and just sat there with an "I dare you to come fetch me!" expression. Nobody did. She went for a second round, but that was enough.

On the way back to the group, they had some craft activities (hey, did NoŽl organize this party?). Emmy and Erin made a pretty necklace out of red, white, and blue stars, while Tori completed a holiday themed picture.



Emily and Erin make bubbles!


Left: Lucy (She'd gotten a bit burned
on Wednesday, and was not going to
allow that to happen again!)



Right: Glenn (Happy to be sitting
down after schlepping enough food to
feed an invading army. Oh, wait ...
yeah ... the Cooney tribe...)

Left: Mac showing off
quintessential American food.



Right: Sasquatch (David), NoŽl, Shaunie,
and Faith watching something intently.
(Well, except for Shaunie, who's napping...)


Far Left: Uncle Sam and the birthday girls
(from top: Robin and Erin)



Left: Uncle Sam and Tori. He was tall!



A couple of random shots of Shaunie.


And, oh yeah, there were fireworks!


Well, technically, the shot above isn't fireworks, it's somebody decked out in glow sticks. Still, it's pretty cool. Things were done with glow sticks that I had no idea could be done!


On Mac, Erin, and Emily's last day in California, it occurred to us that they should come over and play in the hotel pool.
We're a bit slow on the uptake, but they had fun!