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Minnie Wilder
born: July 1896

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Left: Clockwise from
upper left: Minnie,
Marie and Maryann

Photo taken at some
occasion, about 1916



Right (from left): Ivan, his wife Ella, Walter (holding
baby Henry), Marie,
an unknown woman,
and Maryann

Photo taken after
Henry's baptism, in 1927

Minnie married Martin Herman, and had three children: Violet (Vi), Dan, and George.

No photo available
Violet (Herman) Landowski Dan Herman George Herman

Family Stories

Dan is currently in a nursing home, and when Margot visited him at Christmas he was still very sharp mentally, and still doing crossword puzzles. Henry [Ashworth] used to go once a week on Wednesdays and take him down to a music program. Dan enjoyed music, loved to sing and had a great voice.

Vi was married to Ted Landowski.

Carol -- Vi's daughter -- died many years ago of cancer.

Aunt Vi, Henry, Dan, Eleanor [Ortoleva], and Marie used to run around together.

Minnie and Martin farmed in Wild Rose, Wisconsin, but that was what they did later in life after the children were gone. They lived in Cicero when the children were growing up. Martin died at the farm and Minnie sold the farm and returned to Cicero.