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Harold O'Niel Cooney
June 23, 1927 - December 26, 1999
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These are not all the pictures there are; these are just all the ones I brought with me when I returned in July 2008...
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Left: Hal at about one year old
(unfortunately this picture, like
most others, is undated)



Right: Hal in a donkey cart, in 1929,
(I'm guessing, based on the date
on the cart...and the approximate
age of the subject)

Left: Hal (littlest one) and Gerri (middle girl).
The girl on the right and the girl on the left
are unknown children. (Info per Uncle Bud.)


Right: Hal and Uncle Bud
(Uncle Bud says this is Boobie Schnider
and Bud Cooney, but I really don't think so...
the younger child just looks too much like Hal,
and why would a picture of Bud and some
neighbor boy be in with Hal's pictures?)
Boobie was killed in WWII.

Far Left: Hal sitting for a pose


Near Left: Bud, Hal and Barbara

He was a satisfactory student,
at least in the third grade.

Near Right: All dressed up for his
first communion, June 5, 1938.


Far Right: Bud, Harold Sr., and Hal,
on the occasion of Hal's first communion,
June 5, 1938.

Above: Undated, posing in front of the house. Above: Undated, Hal and Marie Above: Marie and Hal

In 1941, the family took a trip to Yosemite.


Clockwise, from top, center:

Hal and Marie, with Bud
working to get in the picture.

Hal feeding a deer.

Hal, Marie, and Bud.

Marie, Barbara (?), Gerri, Phil,
and Hal starting the snowball fight of 1941.
(I'm guessing this is still in Yosemite...)

Bud, Gerri, and Hal

Gerri and Hal in an Ansel Adams print.

Marie, Bud, Gerri, Barbara, and Hal
in a different Ansel Adams print.

Far Left: Gerri and Hal


Left: Hal's high school graduation photo

Above: Sitting on a pile of rocks in Samar,
Philippines, in 1945.

Above: Driving a jeep in Samar,
Philippines, in 1945.

Above: With a group of sailors in Samar, Philippines.
On the back of this picture, it reads:
Defiore, Clark, Davis, Dres., Corr,
Coleman, Schaa, Cooney.
(Hal's the one on the far right in front,
with a cigarette in his mouth.)


Above Left and Far Right: Navy portraits.


Above Right: This photo was published in
Seabees Coverall, the newspaper of
U.S. Naval Schools Construction/Construction
Batallion Center Port Hueneme, California.
In that publication, the photo has a headline:
"Bound for Land O' Sunshine"
(ummm...isn't California the land of sunshine?).
The caption reads: "Florida Bound -- Here are
the men that left recently for Eglin Field,
Florida, bottom row, left to right:
A.P. Moore, CE2, R.Y. Roberts, FP3,
R.D. Scott, BU2, R.J. Ross, BUCN,
second row, M.E. Nold, CE2, H.O. Cooney, SV2,
H.J. Weibel, BUCN, F.M. Landez, BUCN,
S. Veach, BU2, and J.F. Rasch, BTC.
Top row, D.E. Zib,  PF3 and B. Anthony, SVCN.


Near Right: Commendation for effort in connection
with the Roll-up, Inactivation and Disestablishment
of the U.S. Naval Operating Base, Leyte-Samar, P.I.


Above Left and Right: Hal in his own version of "101 Kittens".

Above: Hal blinked at the most inopportune time.

Above: Hal sleeping with NoŽl.
(The naughty bit has been carefully cropped out.)

Above: Hal at the beach in 1960 with NoŽl and Robin.

Above: We were all in a play about Galileo at
USC in the early '60s. I don't remember the
name of the play, or even what parts we
all had. I do remember is was terribly
avant-garde, however.


I got this cool family portrait, taken in 1925, from Sandy.

The young person seated on the woman's lap at the left of this photo is (I'm pretty sure) Robert Martin Cooney.
Hereafter I'm only going to identify our direct ancestors in this photo.
The others are the siblings of my grandfather, Harold O'Niel Cooney, Sr.
(identified as #1 in the upper left corner of the photo).

Robert is seated on his mother's lap (Marie Janicke). Next to her is Martin Cooney, my great-grandfather.
The woman on the other side of the young man between them is Georgia Emeline Purdy, my great-grandmother.
Geraldine is the young child on the left of the picture, looking at her cousin as if he smells bad.


And, just because I have it,
but I don't have a place for it yet,
I'm including this picture of Hal's mother,
Marie Janicke Cooney Miller,
taken approximately 1979,
with Russell and Erin.