Gas and Groceries
(clicking a photo will bring up a larger view of it)

Quintessential Hawai'i: LOTS of rice! (And there was plenty more elsewhere in the store...)

Note the whole pig's head on the far right bottom shelf.

Yes those are snails in the bin with the scoop. At least they're staying put: last time I visited this store, they were crawling all over the place!

Squid, anchovies (sardines?), and more squid (I think).

Yes, we have fish balls!

I have no idea what the spiky things are, but they're frozen.

Lots and lots of coconut milk.

All sorts of fruits in some kind of syrup (bottom shelves), and shelf-stable margarine (top shelf).

Lots of canned meat.

In case the fresh sardines (anchovies?) weren't what you wanted, we have canned.

A variety of sweet and savory snacks.

Another quintessentially Hawai'i photo: note the shelf of slippers. Every store I have ever been in -- regardless of the size -- sells slippers. In case you lose a pair at the beach, you don't have far to go to replace them.

Even the gas stations sell sushi...and earrings.

I included this picture just because this particular gas station always has their windows decorated seasonally. It's fun -- and pretty!