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Family reunions of the Wilder/Ashworth families

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Front row: Cindy; Steffi (Miodownik) Stone, Margot’s sister; Diana (Ashworth) Shipley, holding son, Aaron; Henry Ashworth, died October, 1983),  husband to Marie Wilder; Vi (Unknown) Ashworth, second wife to Henry, also a first cousin, she was married to someone else before marrying Henry; Betty Ashworth, daughter of Marge & Jim Ashworth; Barbara (Ashworth) Smagarz, daughter of Marge & Jim, twin to Betty; partially hidden – Marge Ashworth, wife of Al Ashworth, mother of Cheryl & Allen Ashworth; Cheryl Ashworth, daughter of Marge & Al Ashworth. 

Back row: unknown guy dating Cindy; Elmer Stone, husband of Steffi, died in 2003 or 2004; Mike Shipley; Dan Hermann, he’s been in a nursing home for about 10 years now; Dan’s companion, name unknown, but was sister to Dan’s first wife; David Ashworth, son of Marge & Jim Ashworth; Marge Ashworth, wife of Jim Ashworth, mother of David, Betty, Barbara, Thomas [died at birth]; Marie (Ortaleva) Williams, daughter of Grace & Nick Ortaleva, mother of Harold, Bruce, Billy & Nancy

Behind Marie: Jim Ashworth, husband of Marge, father of David, Betty, Barbara, Thomas; Eleanor Ortaleva, sister to Marie; Jerry Smagarz, Barbara Ashworth’s husband; Al Ashworth, husband of Marge, father of Cheryl & Allen; Margot (Miodownik) Ashworth, wife of Henry, mother of Diana, Cathleen, Erik [deceased at 3 days] & Cindy; Henry Ashworth, Marie Wilder's husband


On the bench: Michelle Ashworth (wife of Allen), holding one of her three boys, another son is next to her; an unknown child; Austin Michalik, Cindy’s son

Second row: standing: Marge Ashworth, wife of Al; seated: Cheryl (Ashworth) Olson, holding her son Eric; Diana (Ashworth) Shipley; Katie, in pink shirt, Cindy’s daughter; Meghann, in blue shirt, Diana’s daughter; Michael LaRocco, son of Angelo LaRocco, who is married to Nancy Williams [Marie Ortoleva’s daughter], the son is from his first marriage; Angela LaRocco, daughter of Angelo, from his second marriage; Cindy (Ashworth) Michalik; Dennis, holding Maggie Michalik; Steffi (Miodownik) Stone, Margot’s sister; standing: Margot  

Back row: Al Ashworth; Allen Ashworth, also goes by Al, son of Marge & Al, husband of Michelle; Marty Olson, husband of Cheryl Ashworth, holding their daughter Lisa; Aaron Shipley, Diana’s son; Mike Shipley, behind Aaron, Diana’s husband; Nancy (Williams) LaRocco, pregnant with Ryan; Angelo LaRocco, behind Nancy, husband of Nancy; Marie (Ortoleva) Williams; behind Marie: Marge Ashworth, wife of Jim Ashworth; Jim Ashworth, died approximately 6 months before Henry Ashworth; Nancy Hermann, wife of George; George Herman; Dee Michalik, Dennis’ mother; Ed Michalik, Dennis’ father; Henry Ashworth; Elmer Stone, husband of Steffi; Bob Murray, Jeanette’s husband -- Jeannette is the sister of Al’s Marge  


Diana sent a letter explaining who everybody is:

Who are Aunt Marie and Aunt Eleanor? (Short answer: they're nothing to Cubby's family; but it's clear that our family isn't the only one that takes in strays...

Click here for a bit of an explanation.

Note: I haven't yet included everybody in the pictures in the family trees yet; I'll get there...
I realized that if I waited until I was "done," nobody but me would ever see these photos!

And, I apologize for the quality of these images; they're a bit pixillated; but if I left them full size, it would take forever for the pages to load! Life is full of tradeoffs.


Front row: Cheryl Olson (daughter of Al Ashworth), her daughter Lisa, holding her own daughter Serenity, Tara Olson (daughter of Cheryl and Al), Al Ashworth, his wife Marge Ashworth, Margot Ashworth.

Second row: Cindy (Ashworth) Brennecke, Dan Brennacke, Katelyn Michalik, Betty Ashworth (daughter of Jim), Diana Shipley.

Back row: Austin Michalik, Nancy (LaRocco) Williams (daughter of Marie Williams) and her son Ryan, Marty Olson (Cheryl's husband), David and Christopher Ashworth (sons of Al Ashworth, Jr.), Michelle Ashworth (wife of Al Ashworth, Jr.), Al Ashworth, Jr.,
and Mike Shipley.