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Cubby Georgie (Wilder) Cooney
December 10, 1935 - June 3, 2008

These are not all the pictures there are, just the ones I brought back from Southern California...

Click here for pictures of Hal, Cubby's husband


Cubby and her mother, Kathleen Wilder.
The photos are undated, but I'd guess
they were taken sometime in 1936.

Another undated photo, but it was when
she was fairly young.

I imagine these undated photos are from promotional photos for some play or another.

Near right: Cubby and Robin, Christmas 1965.
I don't think she made the matching sweaters.

Far right: The photo was developed in 1973,
but I don't know that it was taken then.

Left: Cubby was in many plays.
This production had to be sometime
after 1965 for a play staged at Valley Community Theater, after we moved to
Diamond Bar.

Right: Cubby in 1978.


And, because I don't have a place for them yet,
I'll put a couple of pictures of Cubby's mom,
Kathleen, here until I do have a home for
them. These pictures are from 1978.


Near right: Grandma Wilder,
holding Brandon and Erin.

Far right: Grandma Wilder
reading with Erin.