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Charles Lowell Wilder
Born: March 7, 1872
Died: June 27, 1947

(Charles the Younger)

Click here to see the ancestor family tree
for Charles the Younger*
we don't know much about his father, but we've
got family for his mother back to the beginning of time!

We'd probably qualify for DAR...

*this family tree is positively awesome, but it's entirely based on other people's research,
so beyond the point of Charles the Elder and his wife Mary Soesbe, I do not claim any accuracy.
The family bible -- as far as has been disclosed to me -- goes no further than Charles the Elder.
But don't we all, in our hearts want to be princes and princesses? (Or kings and queens...)


Charles Lowell Wilder, father of Walter, Charles L.,
Minnie (Herman), Ivan, Marie (Ashworth), and George
(Cubby's father).

Born in Mechanicsville, Iowa
Died in Cicero, Illinois

He was fairly young in this photograph.




The Wilder Family

Charles Lowell Wilder and his wife Mary (Ceranek) Wilder (both seated), raised six children.

They are, left to right: George (Cubby's father), Walter, Marie (Ashworth) , Minnie (Herman), Charles Lowell, and Ivan. Another child, Freddie, died in infancy.

Charles was a farmer in Iowa, and when he lost the farm in the "money panic" (late 19th century), he moved to Cicero and became a railroad car inspector for the Illinois Central.

Charles is remembered as a tall, good-looking man, kind and good-natured; Mary is remembered for her culinary skills. They are buried in Resurrection Cemetery, in Justice, Illinois.



Charles and Maryann
celebrating some
occasion, in 1916

Maryann and
her daughters,


Charles and Maryann celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary,
following a church service.
August 7, 1943


Photo taken after Henry's baptism, in 1927
(from left): Ivan, his wife Ella, Walter (holding baby Henry),
Marie, unknown, and Maryann

Ella sorta stands out as an outsider, doesn't she?

Photo taken after Henry's baptism, in 1927, In front of
the family home on Raymond Ave., in Brookfield, Illinois.
(from left): Walter, Uncle Charlie, George, Charles the Younger, and Ivan

You can't really see it clearly in this picture, but all of the men except Walter are holding or otherwise displaying playing cards. I wish we could know what that story's about! If it's part of family lore, it's still unknown, but it led to a discussion about card games in our respective families.



Diana shared this about cards:

I do remember in my childhood, penny ante poker was the game we always played when we gathered for anything. Everyone had a personal mason jar with pennies and carried it to every family gathering. After the meal, the table was cleared and everyone joined in playing five card poker. Charlie taught me when I was young and by five I was joining in. Charlie was a real shark so it wouldn't surprise me that he was holding a face card! 

We got to talking about the card playing at Cindy's house. I think everyone played some sort of game-it was what they did for entertainment. We too played Tripoly but called it Royal Rummy.