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the Ceraneks

(don't know much about them...yet)

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Ceranek-Wilder Families 1904

The Ceraneks are on the left, the Wilders on the right of the photo. Charles L. Wilder holds baby George on his lap. His wife Mary stands behind him. Sons Walter and Charlie are at right. Marie sits next to her father and Minnie stands next to him. Ivan is sitting next to little Marie. Grandparents Stanislaw and Balbina Ceranek are in the center.

Maryann Ellen Ceranek

Charles Wilder's wife Mary Ceranek came from Poland with her family. They traveled from the east coast to Iowa in a covered wagon. The family settled on a farm in Iowa. Young Mary was a maid in a hotel when she met Charles Wilder. She spoke only Polish and he spoke only English. They were married for more than 50 years. The big trunk that held the Ceranek family's clothing and supplies in the wagon ended up in the house in Cicero for more than half a century. Eventually Marie Ashworth donated it to the Historical Society.

(notes from Margot Ashworth)


Family Stories

Some of the Ceranek's are buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Stickney, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). [Balbina] was very small and spoke mostly Polish. Her husband was very large compared to her but everyone said she had him wrapped around her finger. She was known to be very sweet and a great cook.

The Ceranek's were a heavy family. My parents went to a family reunion years ago of some of the shirttail Ceranaks and someone sent them a video later. It was six hours of tape. The camera had been set across from the food table, only not from the side where you see the faces. All you saw for six hours was the backsides of portly, stout people with their elbows flying as they loaded up their plates.



Ivan Wilder and his grandfather, Stanislaw Ceranek