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Shaun Nicholas Johnson
born: February 1, 2007
parents: Karen Elisabeth Dilks and
Deonsa Leon Johnson
Above: April 10, 2008


Above center and right: This is one of the things that makes NoŽl a wonderful portraitist. She catches the subjects in
their natural behaviors.
March 3, 2008




Right: "Do they think we'll actually get in there?
Nathan and Shaunie, April 10, 2008

March 7, 2007 Tori loves being a big sister!
March 7, 2007

August 13, 2007

If he hadn't already rolled over when this picture was taken, he will soon!

Baby Shaun spent some extra time in the hospital. He was experiencing some
distress at his mommy's last pre-natal visit, so they took him a couple
weeks early. He's the littlest baby in the zoo right now, but NoŽl thinks
he'll grow up to be a very big boy... like a puppy with big paws!