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Perrin Andrew Kaine Weiss
born: August 25, 2006
parents: Brandon Maxwell Weiss and Melissa Rebecca Ligocki

Kolohe boy!

Above: July 2, 2008


Left: June 30, 2008

In late June 2007, we went to the mainland
for a friend's wedding, and I finally got
to meet my youngest grandson.
(I also got to meet Cody, my newest
grandson, but that's a story
for a different place.)

George used that opportunity to
encourage Perrin to learn to walk;
the photo on the left was taken during
that exercise. (June 23, 2007)

In September, I went back to the
mainland for Katy & Cody's wedding
reception, and got to spend some
more time with Perrin.
In the picture on the right,
he's trying to decide which
crayon to taste first.
(September 13, 2007)

Melissa, Brandon and Perrin on April 9, 2007

November 9, 2006 November 16, 2006 Melissa and Perrin on November 24, 2006

Near right: Napping in front of the fireplace
(And for what it's worth: Auntie NoŽl painted the pretty ivy border around the fireplace.)
November 1, 2006


Far right: His first Hallowe'en
October 31, 2006