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Group Pictures

With so many babies to arrange 
in various combinations,
Grandma NoŽl can't resist some sorting!

The rest are just pictures of the babies in various groups at different times.

Let us out! We promise to be good...
From left: Shaunie, Zeke, Nathan
NoŽl, Shaunie, and Zeke
April 13, 2008
Shaunie and Zeke
April 12, 2008
At Easter 2007, most of the Baby Zoo brought their mommies to a party.

From left: Emily and Erin, Perrin and Melissa, Zeke and Hanni, Karen and Shaun. (Nathan and Becky and Serenity and Florri are missing.)

April 9, 2007

Above: Grandpa Tim has his hands full!

Above right: Most of the babies
(and one big sister)
came out for display.

Right: Three boys (from left):
Shaun, Nathan, Zeke

Far right: Tori's teaching Serenity
the essential princess pose!