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Ivan Wilder
born: February 1898
died: 1930s?

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Left: Ivan around 1916

Right: Ivan and
his grandfather,
Stanislaw Ceranek

Ivan married Ella and they lived in Minnesota; they had one son, Roger. Ivan died in his 30's of a heart attack during a snowstorm (he was trying to push a car out of a snowdrift).

Ivan and Ella had at least one child, Roger; we don't know if there were more than that.

(notes per
Diana Shipley
and Cindy Michalik)

(from left): Walter, Uncle Charlie, George, Charles the Younger, and Ivan

Photo taken after Henry's baptism, in 1927, In front of the family home on Raymond Ave., in Brookfield, Illinois.

Walter is the one person in this photo not displaying a playing card.

See Charles the Younger's page for a discussion of card games in the Wilder family.