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Cubby (Wilder) Cooney

Click here for pictures of Cubby when she was younger, and links to other family members (eventually)

Back, from left: Robin Carol (Cooney) Gonzalez, Russell OíNiel Cooney,
NoŽl Elisabeth (Cooney) Dilks

Front, from left:
Cubby (Wilder) Cooney [George Wilderís daughter],
Erin Nicole (Cooney) McCargar

Photo was taken at Erinís wedding reception, July 2003


Robin (Cooney) Gonzalez

Left: Robin (Cooney) Gonzalez and George Edmund Gonzalez
overlooking Wailea and Kihei, Maui.

Left: Robinís daughter Deirdre
Marie Cooney and Deirdreís
youngest child (and only son),
Liam OíNiel Jason Nelson.


Deirdre was the maid of honor at
a friendís wedding when this
picture was taken.


Left: Robinís son Brandon Maxwell Weiss and his wife, Melissa (Ligocki) Weiss, although they weren't married yet when this photo was taken.

Left: Deirdreís oldest daughter
Katy Bernice Malcolm.

Right, from left: Deirdreís fourth and second daughters, Kiera Lyndsey Nelson and Mara Lee Nelson


Clockwise from top left: Ariel, Kiera,
Katy, Liam, and Mara in 2005


Deirdreís third daughter
Ariel Robin Nelson

Left: Liam, March 2006. Grandma Robin and Grandpa George were in town for a wedding. He wasnít quite sure about us yet.

Tori (NoŽlís granddaughter) and Liam: (Taken at Erinís wedding, July 24, 2003.)  

Left: Perrin Andrew Kaine Weiss,
born August 25, 2006

Right: Perrin yawns for his
second cousin, Tori

Close right: the Weiss family, Perrin, Melissa and Brandon, on September 3, 2006, at Perrin's baby shower.

One of the things that cracks me up about this photo is that we have about 30 years' worth of family portraits taken in front of this tree... (It's in the park at the end of the street where my kids grew up, and now Brandon and his family live there. Who ever thought that we'd be creating a family homestead in suburban Southern California?) 


Far right: Auntie Deirdre and cousin Liam admire Perrin

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Kathleen Bernice (Malcolm) and Cody Wallace
June 9, 2007
Kathleen Bernice (Malcolm) Wallace Katy and Cody
June 24, 2007

NoŽl Elisabeth (Cooney) Dilks

Left: NoŽl and her husband,
Timothy Aaron Dilks.

Left, from left: Yohanna Sara Hampen, Victoria Elisabeth Rose Holguin (Karenís only daughter), and NoŽlís oldest daughter, Karen Elisabeth (Hampen/Dilks) Holguin (NoŽlís daughter from her first marriage)

Yohanna is Karenís half-sister (they share a father). NoŽlís view is that if Hanniís mother is Karenís stepmother, then NoŽl is Hanniís stepmother as well. And if Karen calls her stepmother "Mom," well then, Hanni can call her stepmother "Mom" too!


Left: Daniel Aaron Dilks, Tim's son by his first marriage. NoŽl and Tim have been together since Danny was a baby; we've been his family all his life.


Likewise, Karen views Tim as her only father, since her biological father (and Hanniís) left early in her life.

Right: Rebecca Carol Dilks,
NoŽl and Timís daughter.

Above: Ryan Thomas Dilks (named after Timís favorite two baseball players: Nolan Ryan and Frank Thomas). When NoŽl was still pregnant, I asked Tim what the babyís name would be if she were a girl. He shrugged and said, ďSheíll adjust.Ē


Left: Tori and her mommy Karen

Below: Tori on Easter, 2006


Above, clockwise from left: Becky,
Karen, Danny, and Ryan Dilks

Becky loves being Aunt "B"!
January 2002

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Russell O'Niel Cooney





Left: Cubby, Russell,
and Lucy (Medina) Cooney

Right: Lucy and Russell,
May 1, 2004



These two pictures were taken
in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the
occasion of Russell and
Lucyís wedding.

Above: Uncle Russell is not
above demonstrating that heís
still a child at heart! Immediately behind Russell is Mara; Kiera brings
up the end of the line. This photo
was taken in 2001.


Erin Nicole (Cooney) McCargar

Left: Erin on April 16, 2006,
while still pregnant.


Right: Erin and Mac McCargar at
their wedding, July 2003

Above, from left: Rose (Macís mother), Mac, Erin, Macís son Andrew, and Cubby at Erinís wedding, July 2003

Near right: Emily Rose McCargar,
born August 9, 2006

Center right: Andrew thinks he'll
enjoy being a big brother

Far right: Mac cuddles Emily

Left: Emily at nearly one month old

Click here for pictures of Emily in the Baby Zoo.

Miscellaneous Photos










Above: When I flew in for Erinís wedding in 2003, the ďbachelorette partyĒ
met me at the airport. The group consisted of all the girls in the family except
my mom. It also included two boys: Andrew Ė who was totally smitten with
his four beautiful new cousins and chose to hang out with them rather than
with the boys in the family; and Liam Ė who was totally enchanted to have
a new boy cousin in the family (heís got plenty enough girls surrounding
him). They made a sign so Iíd know which group I was to meet, but had a
friend of Beckyís whom Iíd never met hold the sign, so I didnít even look
at it! (Itís how I sign my emails to the family, so itís a bit of an inside
joke). In the background behind me are Erin, Karen (with her hand over
her mouth), and the sign-holding friend of Beckyís (whose name escapes
me). I think we we were just very happy to see each other, since Erin
lives in Colorado, and I live in HawaiĎi, it doesnít happen often!