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The Iowa Farmer and
the Lady from Canada

This site is about my extended family







These links are for the more immediate family pages:

And maybe someday there'll be individual pages for each of us and our families:

  • Robin
  • NoŽl
  • Russell
  • Erin

Surfboard Fence Pictures (There is a fence on Maui made entirely of old surfboards. There are many postcards featuring this fence. A friend wanted some close-ups of the individual boards.) 

Groceries and Gas Stations (One of the things I do to earn money is take pictures of grocery stores and gas stations. I cobbled this page together to show a friend what a Filipino grocery on Maui looks like.)

Ladies' Good Works Society (I'm the secretary for the Maui Contractors Women's Auxiliary; these are the web pages associated with that fine organization.)

for information about the family or these pages, contact: robincgonz (at) excite.com